FontGenius for Macintosh (Single User)

FontGenius for Macintosh (Single User)
FontGenius for Macintosh (Single User)
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FontGenius is a font identification utility for Macintosh.
FontGenius examines pictures and identifies typefaces of any text within a picture. Using advanced recognition technology, FontGenius will produce a list of likely fonts that match selected characters within an image, and will generate character previews of the matched fonts.
An internet search can also be performed on the list of results to locate, purchase, and download matched fonts.
FontGenius supports most image file formats, and can even grab an image right from your desktop.
  • Identify fonts used in any picture graphic
  • Preview matched fonts, even uninstalled fonts
  • Search, download, and purchase matched fonts


Current Version 2.7.0
System Requirements Mac OS 10.12
Compatibility macOS
Single User The Single-User License means that the software can only be installed on a single computer owned by the licensee or under the control of the licensee plus one additional computer also owned, e.g.: one computer at home and another at work, or a desktop and a laptop at home. However, at any given time only one copy of the purchased programs may be in use.
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